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Scientific Analysis, Inc. is well-established as a leader in the development and application of new technology used to improve speed, accuracy and presentation in the fields of accident reconstruction, industrial measurement, commercial design and more.

Survey —SAI uses three-dimensional laser survey tools to record and measure the minute details of evidence fields, scenes, worksites, guardrails, vehicles and the like. This data can be used to study various perspectives such as roadway grading and placement of construction signage. The data is then turned into 2-D drawings and3-D models used for the analysis and presentation of events, evidence and alternative designs.

-- Our trained technicians utilize the FARO Arm digitizer to capture valuable three-dimensional data from objects that range from seatbacks to fuel tanks. With precision of up to .0005” (.013mm) the FARO Arm is a highly advanced tool that can be used to preserve evidence, analyze surface data and create comparisons between subject vehicles and exemplars. SAI technicians then craft this data into highly accurate three-dimensional models used for analysis and demonstration including multi-view and stop-action animations. The FARO Arm also has unlimited reverse engineering applications in areas such as electrical, mechanical, aerospace and architectural disciplines.

-- SAI is once again on the cutting edge of reconstruction technology with implementation of the Leica C10 and SS2 high-definition scanner systems. These three-dimensional scan stations are able to apply the latest measurement technology to projects that range from accident reconstruction to complex engineering models, construction verification, infrastructure analysis and commercial space planning.

The Leica scan systems allow for total surface penetration and 360 degree viewing capabilities as well as real time capture of relevant data and live presentation and analysis. SAI can employ the C10 and SS2 scanners to a wide variety of industry applications that include agricultural planning and design, insurance risk management, real estate development, architectural and heritage restoration, high speed rail planning and design, workplace safety planning and more.