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Each of SAIís reconstruction projects originates with a client request. At that point an individualized plan is created to address the specific needs, theories and timelines of each project.

For the team at SAI, reconstruction starts in the field-- where ever the evidence takes us. Be it under a car or alongside a highway, the investigation and preservation of evidence is a critical step that provides instant and invaluable firsthand knowledge specific to each case. Evidence is carefully measured and documented with some of the industryís most advanced tools. Then it is forwarded to clients for immediate evaluation. 

From there, the SAI drafting team assembles 3-D diagrams, models and animations used to assess and reconstruct crash scenarios. By combining a host of evaluation and presentation software tools with tried and true scientific practices, SAI team members can determine causes and conditions of an accident early in the case. Our experts also review pertinent discovery materials that provide insight into variables relevant to each event. The findings are then formalized into a written report with supporting exhibits.

As a case moves through the testimony stages, the experts at SAI draw on a combined 30 years of deposition, arbitration and trial experience supported by the most advanced 2-D and 3-D materials to create accurate and understandable presentations.